Air Conditioner Quadro AC-51CH-FC BIO - ICEBERG
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Air Conditioner Quadro AC-51CH-FC BIO - ICEBERG

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Air Conditioner Quadro AC-51CH-FC BIO - ICEBERG

INVERTER MODE OF WORK The inverter mode of the air conditioner achieves significant energy savings, depending on operating conditions up to 30% compared to the classic air conditioners. If the room temperature is much higher than the desired temperature, the air conditioner will work full power to reach the desired temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, the inverter will adjust or reduce its performance so that it is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature evenly. This avoids sudden changes in room temperature and enables significant energy savings. There is no frequent ignition and shutdown of devices that are further burdened with the power grid. The comfort in the air-conditioned room with the inverter air conditioner is much greater because the inverter system by regulating the output air temperature of the air avoids "throttle" syndrome in your space. Inverters also offer heating possibilities at very low outside temperatures, up to -15 ° C. Precise regulation of the desired temperature, greater comfort of the air-conditioned space and the possibility of heating at low outside temperatures, and with all this significant energy savings, make the inverter with a future device. Our air conditioner's complete set of inverters is Energy Class A to A +++ Frugality - Auto-tuning of compressor speed and volume of refrigerant with load-carrying capacity - Operating range: 20% - 130% capacity - A specially developed heating regime algorithm results in high utilization. Speed ​​- Inverter compressor with maximum power until it reaches the default temperature. - Compared with classic equipment it is 20% faster Powerful - At an outdoor temperature of -5 ° C, the device retains 100% capacity The output air temperature of the indoor unit is higher than 40 ° C. Pleasant - Once reached the default temperature, with minimum compressor operation, it is possible to maintain the temperature within ± 5 ° C of the set temperature

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