Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert
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Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert

Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert

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Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert on solid fuel

Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert is made entirely of high quality cast iron made by well-known reputational fireplace producer Kratki from Poland. Fireplace Amelia 25-LP sides are windowed, which gives a special atmosphere of warmth and experience the natural fire as outdoors. The fireplace has a large standard router installed (deflector) for better utilization of the fuel and regulator for exhaust gases at the top. Firepace is produced with system for clear glass, which prevents excessive soiling glass of smoke and dust.
Fireplace door have elegant handle for oppening and the flow regulation of intake air and exhaust gases shall be carried out with additional aesthetic handles. The doors of the fireplace and container for ashes sealed the long-lived high-quality graphite seal that allows flawless operation of the fireplace.
Amelia 25-LP fireplace insert nominal power is 21 kW (heated useful range from 11.5 to 29 kW) and is suitable for heating of 160-250 square meters. Fireplace is designed in traditional style with an emphasis on massive cast iron of high quality, doors open on the left side and the fireplace window has a flat shape. Flue pipe diameter is 200 mm and the flue gases exhaust at the top.
Fireplace insert Amelia 25 has high energy efficiency of 75% and low emission of CO of only 0.22%, flue gas output temperature is 390 ° C. Fireplace insert Amelia 25 is characterized by high-quality continuous combustion. The product is available on order, delivery time is isapproximately 14-28 working days.

Technical characteristics:
Rated power (kW): 21
Range of heating power (kW): 11,5 - 29
Smoke exhaust (fi u mm): 200
Thermal efficiency (%): 75
Emissions of CO (at 13% O2): ≤ 0,22%
Flue gas temperature (°C): 390
Weight (kg): 183
Widht (mm): 771
Depth (mm): 902
Height (mm): 525
Windows measures: (door / sides) 613x461/286x450
Max log length (mm): 500
Material - Cast Iron Class: 200
Recommended type of fuel:  wood
Waranty: 5 years
Manufacturer: Kratki, EU

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