Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu 80 liters with mixer
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Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu 80 liters with mixer

Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu 80 liters with mixer

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Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu 80 liters with a mixer

This type of brandy pot still is intended for small and medium-sized homemade brandy distilling. Pot still is equipped with high quality manual mixer mechanism for preventing the burn over of the distilling fruits. During distillation, it is advised to mix every few minutes so that there is no overheating of the boiler in one place and undesirable over burn. The boiler can be heated with a gas burner or a solid fuel. Gas burner on butane gas is recommended to use for a better control of the firepower. The gas burner is not included in the distillation set.
All pot still parts that are in contact with distillate are made of high quality copper and the copper compounds are copper welded together according to EU norms to ensure sanitary accuracy, better strength and longevity than the classic tin soldered pot stills.
Pot still brandy boiler fireplace is made of 1.5 mm thick solid and high quality stainless steel - stainless steel that gives professional look and further emphasizes its quality and longevity.
The emptying of the brandy boiler is done lightly and it can be operated by one person through the tilting mechanism.
Sealing between the boiler and the boiler cap is solved by reliable water sealing.
The cooler is also made of high quality stainless steel, volume of 287 liters, and it is connected to a distillation boiler with practical butterfly screws with 1 mm thick copper tube and 28 mm in diameter. Cooling takes place over a copper coil 3.8 meters long.
Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu with a mixer are made in versions of 80, 100 and 120 liters.
The boilers are made on request and the time from manufacture to delivery is approximately 2-4 weeks.

Copper Pot still brandy boiler Cu 80 liters with a mixer
Specifications: Boiler: Cooler: Conn. pipe lenght:
Volume (l): 80 287 1,2 m
Height (mm): 1300    
Widht (mm): 800    
Weight (kg): 53    
Materials: Thickness (mm) Material label  
Boiler bottom: copper sheet 99,90% of purity 1,00 mm Lim CU  DHP 1,0 mm CW 240 A  
Boiler cap: copper sheet 99,90% of purity 0,80 mm CU  DHP 0,8 mm CW 240 A  
Fireplace: stainless steel 1,5 mm INOX 1,0 mm AISI 430 2B  
Cooler: stainless steel, bottom/side 1,00 / 0,8 mm INOX 1,0; 0,8 mm AISI 430 2B  
Cylinder / Spiral: Copper fi 28x1 Copper pipe 28x1 mm SANCO 3,8 m
EU Declaration of Conformity Yes    
Made in: EU, Slovenia Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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