Franek 12 built-in fireplace
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Franek 12 fireplace insert

Franek 12 fireplace insert

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Franek 12 built-in fireplace

Great vision of fire with a relatively small size. Franek 12 has an increased heat exchange surface between the hot gases and the room thanks to the large chimney. The door frame and built-in Kamina Franek 12 are made of steel suitable for operation at higher temperatures. Franek 12 has a warranty of 5 years. Franek 12 has a container for ashes where we gather the remains of burned wood.

Technical details:

Rated output (kW): 12
Range of heating power (kW): 5 - 14,5
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm): 200
Efficiency (%): 82
CO emission (at 13% O2): 0,09
Flue gas temperature (℃) 215
Weight (kg): 237
Max log length (mm) 500
Recommended Fuel type: Wood

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