Intex Easy SET garden Pool 183x51cm
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Intex Easy SET garden Pool 183x51cm

Intex Easy SET garden Pool 183x51cm

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Intex Easy SET garden Pool 183x51 cm

If you are looking for a garden pool but do not want to pick a hard-wall pool, then the Intex Easy SET is the best choice. Pools can easily be placed on a flat surface. They only need to inflate them and fill them with water, and then you can start having some fun fun. In a few minutes you will have a pool in your garden. The advantage of the Intex pool is that after lowering they can bend to small size, so they do not take up a lot of storage space until next season.

Pool Size: 183x51cm (886 liters)
Pool is delivered without any supplements.
Compatibility with any Intex recirculation device
Manufacturer: Intex
Recommended: For girls and boys
Age group: 5 years
Use under parent supervision.

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