Kopačica 534bs, 36-55-85cm, mot. b&s 950
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Kopačica 534bs, 36-55-85cm, mot. b&s 950

RAMDA Country Motor Grader

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Digger 534bs, 36-55-85cm, mot. b&s 950

Motorized gantry crane with folding and adjusting handle RAMDA PRO 534 / BS.

Suitable for all soil types. The tiller is a very good ground with a rotating blade.

Characteristics of the digger for the ground:

- engine: 4 stroke BRIGGS & STRATTON series CR950E

- switch: 1N, 1R

- working width: 36, 55, 85 cm

- working depth: 25cm

- blade rotation speed: 120-130 crafts / min

- weight: 52.5 kg


The engine is oil-free, before leaving the first ignition, make sure that oil is present.

We recommend using the SAE 30 oil code OL 0662.

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