Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W - fireplace for central heating on solid fuel
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Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W - solid fuel fireplace insert with a water jacket on solid fuel

Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W - solid fuel fireplace insert with a water jacket on solid fuel

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Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W - fireplace for central heating on solid fuel

Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W is elegant fireplace with guillotine system for a true experience of an open fire. The door opens up with handle, if you want to feel the atmosphere of an open fire when you are not in the room simply lower the door with the glass down for safety reasons.

The front of the fireplace, and the bottom chamber for burning are made from quality cast iron - cast iron brand 200, boiler and other mechanical parts are made of a specially designed heat-resistant steel with thickness of 4 mm.

Fireplace for central heating os solid fuel Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W is made in accordance with the EN 13229 standard and CE certificate. As a result, this fireplace is certainly an excellent choice that will provide reliable operation without unpleasant surprises. Management of primary air fed through the lower control allows easy adjustment of burning and long maintained fire and heating temperature. The fireplace is designed to heat up to 250 square meters (depending on the isolation and the form of living space) and the range of heating power is from 11 to 29 kilowatts. The capacity of the boiler water is 46.5 liters with power of 18 kW. Fireplace boiler also has a built-in safety system pipe radiator according the European standard for safety cooling in the event of overheating of the boiler, which must be installed on the cold water supply and connect via termal or electic valve controlled by safety thermostat. All fireplaces has been prepared with an opening for external air supply with dolot bottom of the fireplace (without adapter - DOLOT). Adaptor for external air supply can be ordered on request as well as all parts of the air and the elements for fireplace regulation.

With factory five-year warranty fireplace for heating wood Oliwia 22 kW-PW/G/W guarantees quality and reliability.

Technical characteristics:
Rated power (kW): 22
Power Range (kW): 11-29
Boiler power (kW): 18
Boiler water capacity (l): 46,5
Efficiency (%): 75
Recommended space heating (m²): 150 - 250
Emissions of CO (%) at 13% O2: 0,25
Recomanded fuel: wood
Flue gas temperature (° C): 390
Glass (measure W x H mm): 371x706,5
Overall Width (mm): 814,5
Overall Height (mm): 992,5
Total depth (mm): 585
Style: traditional
Weight (kg) 210
Material: cast iron 200, steel 4mm
Adjustment: manual
Combustion air supply: external, internal
max length of logs (cm): 50
Door: front, guillotine
Opening the door: up
Diameter of flue gas exhaust (mm): 200
Flue pipe exhaust position: up
Manufacturer: Kratki
Country of origin: Poland, EU
Warranty (Months): 60

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Data sheet
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