Sprinkler with a pump 51, 7ccm/1, 6kw/range 12m
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Sprinkler with a pump 51, 7ccm/1, 6kw/range 12m

Sprinkler with a pump- range 12m

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Sprinkler with a pump 14 gallons


RAMDA 3WF-14B motor sprayer with integrated an extra high pressure pump high-altitude.

Motor sprinkler with pump provides safe use code: protection of plants, the professional maintenance of gardens and green areas, farming cultures, the tall trees, fruit growing and viticulture, plantations, in addition to the professional protection of plants. Or you can use the spray gun nozzle and the disinfectant and the fight against parasites in stables, warehouses, ships, containers, with the RID..


The characteristics of a Sprinkler with a pump:

-engine RAMDA 2T 1, 6kW (2, 18KS)

-working volume 51, 7ccm

-fuel tank capacity 14 liters

-max. air flow 1400m3/h

-range spray 8-12metara

-weight 12kg


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