Electric wheelbarrow ZI-EWB500 lead aku Zipper Maschinen
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Electric wheelbarrow ZI-EWB500 lead aku Zipper Maschinen

Electric wheelbarrow ZI-EWB500 lead aku Zipper

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Electric wheelbarrow ZI-EWB500 lead aku Zipper

Electric wheelbarrow lead ZI-EWB500 Zipper are ideal for transporting the dirt, sand, gravel even in demanting terrain around the house and garden.

Electric wheelbarrow are equipped with a 500W eletro motor and have a big efficiency thanks to the lead acid battery up to 8 hours.

The wheelbarrow is safe and convinient to control thanks to the control elements on the right hand handle.

Electric wheelbarrow have a maximum payload of 150kg/75l and optimal handling thanks to a balanced motor/battery positioning.

Technical details:

Manufacturer: Zipper Maschinen
Gross weight (kg): 39.50
Neto weight (kg): 32.70
Battery voltage: 24V/12A
Motor power s1 (W): 500
Battery duration (h): 8
Battery charging time (h): 4
Payload (kg): 150/75
Max. height (mm): 720
Max. speed (km/h): 7

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