Wooden cootages

Wooden houses at extra affordable prices.

Attractive offer of wooden houses ideal for camping resorts, glamping tourism or for your own needs.

Everyone needs an escape from everyday life in nature, and tours wooden cottages are ideal for that. You have the space, and we do the cottages and the perfect vacation is there.

Choose the desired house from our offer at affordable prices with a guarantee of quality.

House specification: Cootages measuring DxWxH-5x2.5x2.7 m - they are made of wooden lattice construction (fir and spruce), filled with stone wool 15 cm thick. The inside of the house is lined with 18 mm paneling. The outside is lined with 25 mm dry board, vapor-permeable foil and shingles. The total thickness of the walls is 18 cm, which makes this house well insulated. Shingles and edging are in the color chosen by the customer. The floor consists of transverse beams measuring 5x16x250 cm on which an 18 mm OSB board is placed. Internal partition walls are mounted in positions desired by customers (depending on the layout of the rooms). In agreement with the customer, electrical and sanitary installations can be installed and a terrace can be added as desired. 

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