Kamin Koza K7
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Fireplace on solid fuel Koza K7

Fireplace on solid fuel Koza K7

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Fireplace on solid fuel Koza K7

Elegance of design with decorative elements molded fireplace solid fuel Koza K7 will warm your home and add an exclusive touch of beauty to your interiors.

The body of the fireplace on wood Koza K7 is made of high quality cast iron class 200, with a minimum wall thickness of 8 mm. The packs a deflector that extends the exhaust path and the temperature increases the usefulness of the fireplace. The doors of the fireplace are made of cast iron with built-in transparent glass-ceramics resistant to temperatures up to 800 ° C. Adjusting the air flow is conducted through the grate openings for ash. The possibility of installing the flue gas outlet on the back or top of the fireplace.

The warranty on the fireplace 5 years.

Technical characteristics:
Power nominal (kW) 5
Range of heating power (kW) 3-8
Diameter of the pipe (mm) 130
Thermal efficiency (%) 71
CO (with 13% O2) ≤ 0,3%
Flue gas temperature (°C) 340
Weight (kg) 79
Max log length (mm) 300
Material cast iron class 200
The recommended type of fuel wood

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