Meat mixer 35 kilos Protok
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Meat mixer 35 kilos Protok

Meat mixer of 35 liters Croatian product

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Blender for the meat of 35 liters-Croatian product

Use in professional and home use

Way of working

Fresh ground meat put in a jar, add the spices and turn on the machine. Depending on the composition of the meat, let it work 6-8 minutes. Thermostatic mixer for meat to stop switch, turn off the connected the cable from the power socket and remove the mixture from the mixers.

Basic safety precautions when handling:

-set the mixer on a firm and stable surface

-Connect is solely on the earthed power socket

-When a single control does not work, make sure the cable from the power socket joins extraction

-stainless steel container mounted on the housing of the Blender jar, making sure that the central hole and the other three rube in the tray provided they sit down, after which the jib swivel onto the shaft and with a large nut. Three little safety nuts as well as basic a big tightened by hand and the machine is ready for use.


1. stainless steel vessels with capacity of 35 kg

2. blender for meat with the balls to evenly mixing

3. the housing of the Blender jar

4. electric motor power 550W/1F or 750 w/3F

5. reducer with through rifle strap

6. RPM Blender 50 rpm

 Cleaning and maintenance

After using the machine for mixing meat cleaned with a soft cloth dampened in a solution of warm water and dishwashing detergent, not using sharp and hard objects and materials, then dry off with a soft dry cloth.

Attention: because of moving parts there is a possibility of personal injury. While the machine is in operation not to approach the hands and hard objects in the working area of the jar (jar). In the case of performance with three-phase engine, required direction of rotation mixers to the left (the opposite of clockwise).


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