Nadia 13-G built-in fireplace
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Nadia 13-G fireplace insert

Nadia 13-G fireplace insert

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Nadia 13-G built-in fireplace

Nadia 13-G built-in fireplace is a modern solution for all who care about the ease of use of the fireplace. Hexagonal chamber and excellent combustion parameters are the most important advantages of this mode. Combustion of fuel particles thanks to deflector, which extends the exhaust gas path. All steel elements are laser cut and bent on CNC bending machines. The cleanliness of combustion chamber thanks to hexagonal hearth. Nadia 13-G built-in fireplace has a 5 year warranty.

Technical details:

Rated output (kW): 13
Range of heating power (kW): 7 - 16
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm): 200
Efficiency (%): 81
CO emission (at 13% O2): 0,08
Flue gas temperature (℃) 240
Weight (kg): 280
Max log length (mm) 400
Recommended Fuel type: Wood

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