Plate compactor ZI-RPE160C Zipper Maschinen
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Plate compactor ZI-RPE160C Zipper Maschinen

Plate compactor ZI-RPE160C Zipper

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Plate compactor ZI-RPE160C Zipper

High quality plate compactor ZI-RPE160C from famous Austrian manufacturer Zipper, ideal for pave works, path repairs and using it on the building sites and garden.

Plate compactor has ability to move forwards and backwards, it has a stable handle and it is easy and simple to use.

Plate compactor is equiped with a protection plate for the V-belt, carrying handle and it comes with included transparent rubber mat for pave works and moving the device.

Plate compactor comes with a 1-cylinder gasoline 4-stroke engine which has a fuel capacity of 6 liters.

Technical details:

Manufacturer: Zipper Maschinen
Gross weight (kg): 180
Neto weight (kg): 161
Motor power s1 (W): 6600
Engine type: 1-cylinder 4-stroke OHV engine
Fuel capacity (l): 6
Plate width (mm): 420
Plate length (mm): 730
Compression depth (mm): 500
Vibracija (vmp): 4000
Centrifugalna sila (kN): 30,5

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