Prity WD W24 kamin za centralno grijanje
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Prity WD W24 fireplace for central heating

Prity WD W24 fireplace for central heating

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Prity WD W24 fireplace for central heating

The Prity WD W24 is a stand alone solid fuel fireplace designed for central heating of residential and public spaces.

The fireplace is made of steel sheet thickness 2mm and a slab thickness of 3-4mm. It is equipped with a gusan grid, filling door, ash box, vanilla cushion cover and a chimney flap.

Before use, the fireplace should be placed on a non-flammable floor or floor, 50cm in front of the stove and 30cm in each side. Light-inflammable and explosive items or materials must be removed from the fireplaces and must be spaced no less than 80cm. Before joining the chimney and operating the fireplace, consult an authorized person.

Technical characteristics:

Dimensions (w x d x h) cm 65 x 55 x 93
Weight (kg) 152
Heating power (kW) 23+6
Exhaust outlet diameter (mm) 130
Max log length (cm) 44

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