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Professional distilling pot still 100 liters

Professional distilling pot still 100 liters

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Professional stable distilling pot still for brandy volume of 100 liters - distilling pot still for fruits distillation

Professional sable distilling pot still for making brandy are intended for professional use, and for all professionals who want the best quality spirits from fruits and fully aromatic brandy.

Boilers for brandy are made from electrolytic copper with highest purity (99.99%) carefully dimensioned with appropriate thickness by experienced engineers in the field of distillation with guarantee of perfect function, Professional distilling pot still high quality and long life pot stills.

All Professional distilling pot still for brandy have bottom 1.5 mm thick and sides of the boiler are thickness of 1 mm.

The firebox of the boiler is made of heat-resistant boiler plate thickness of 1.5 mm painted with paint resistant to high temperatures. Cooling vessel is made of stainless steel sheet thickness of 0.5 mm, capacity of 330 liters, with copper cooling spiral inside.

All Professional models of boilers for brandy have separate openings for filling and emptying the mash and hand stirrer as standard equipment.

The opening valve for the drain can be rectangular in shape (standard equipped) or by customer needs ball valve dimensions 3 inches on request.

All boilers for brandy have a certificate of materials quality and the health certificate of the device.

The factory warranty on the boiler: 2 years

Specifications: Boiler: Cooler: conn. pipe:
Volume (l): 100 330  
Height (mm): 1740 1400  
Widht (mm): 830 730 2000
Weight (kg): 97 20 2.5
materials: Thickness (mm)    
Boiler: copper sheet 99,99% of purity 1.0 - 1.5    
Firebox: metal sheet temp. resis. 1.5    
Cooler: stainless steel sheet  0.55    
Cooling Spiral: copper Ø28    
Soft solder: Sn97Cu3%    

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