Shower tub Active 80100
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Shower tub Active 80100

Shower tub Active 80100

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Shower tub Active 80100

High quality and modern shower tub design. Great choice for your bathroom.

Shower tub is made from cast sanitary acrylic. Acrylic has many advantages compared to other materials which are used to produce shower tub because the acrylic is very light and its heat and sound isolated. It also offers the possibility of complete recycling, which puts it in ecologically acceptable materials. Extremely durable shower tub.

Easy maintenance, easy to clean the shower tub.

High quality material, durable material guaranteeing the longevity of your bathtub (almost unlimited lifespan). Shower when it retains its initial glow or color for years.

A perfect material, a smooth surface without any pores, and repels impurities and bacteria, a material that is not subject to damage and scratches thanks to a resilient acrylic shell.

Possible surface damage is not a problem because polishing and sanding achieves the original condition.

Modern and clean lines with no visible upper edge. Low profile (height 3.5 cm) with the possibility of installation at the ceramic level.

Technical details:

Width (cm): 80
Length (cm): 100
Height (cm): 2.5
Warranty: 10 years
Max weight (kg): 120

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