Smart outdoor faucet SVPR-eko
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Smart outdoor faucet SVPR-eko

Smart outdoor faucet SVPR-eko

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Smart outdoor faucet SVPR - eko

eco faucet- smart faucet with integrated mechanical thermosensor that responds to weather conditions and automatically selects the winter or summer mode. Faucet discharged only at temperatures below 2 ° C, and the other characteristics are identical standard version. This type is installed mainly in urban wells for public areas.

Users face the problems related to low temperatures every year, as well as indoor and outdoor water supply system freezing and the damage the freezing produces.

Wanting to avoid these problems, most of the users have to tap water off the outdoor faucets which in fact means they can’t use water outside during the winter period. Some isolation materials installation attempts have shown counter-productive as they resulted in serious damaging the system (from large amount of water outflow to damaging objects if it comes to pipe cracking in the wall itself) because of their inability to prevent freezing.

Smart outdoor faucet with an integrated thermo-mechanical protection system is patented products. Besides its unique functionality characteristics in all weather conditions, it has been designed to fit very well in any surrounding. What differs and divides this faucet from all others is the fact that it never freezes and that it functions even at extremely low temperatures showing without the need to tap off water or wrapping with an isolation material. The faucet is completely mechanical, it doesn’t need an electricity source and is constructed for a simple usage according to the motto „build-in and forget“. It’s made of non-corrosive highly-polished steel and brass. It’s also available in various implementations, with a lever handle or rotating handle or in some other versions adjusted to the needs of a customer. Outside pipe size is 40 mm with a complete hight of 1500 mm.

The smart faucet has been made for households, vacation houses and business facilities that have need for year-round water supply or for users who simply don’t want to think about the right time for tapping the water of their outdoor pipes.

Besides stand-alone garden faucet, there is also a wall version which is meant to be built-in instead of existing „usual“ wall faucets and has the completely same function.

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