Vacuum for meat and vegetables Techman QH 80W
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Vacuum for meat and vegetables Techman QH 80W

The appliance for vacuuming meat and vegetables Techman QH 80W

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The appliance for vacuuming

Vakumirka for keeping the freshness is eaten up to five times longer, provides you with significant savings of time in the household. Does not take much space and elegant design suitable for all kitchens.


Foil for vacuuming

Foil in rolls for making bags for the vacuuming of the desired length = 15 cm 20 cm and x 500 x 500. It can be used for vacuuming salami, pasta, dried fruits and vegetables, meat, spices and other food is eaten.


Vacuuming of food helps to prevent the propagation of scents from one food to another. The food in the freezer does not lose flavor or nutrients. What's great is that it uses very little power and is therefore environmentally friendly.


Keep food fresh and retain nutrients and minerals.


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