Vetro Cubo 90 shower panel
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Vetro Cubo 90 shower panel

Vetro Cubo 90 shower panel

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Vetro Cubo 90 shower panel

Shower panel Vetro Cubo fits in every bathroom style and it is excellent choice for anybody who wants to give its bathroom a nice modern and sophisticated look.

Numerous advantages that makes the shower panels to be used more are the following:

- It is used for dividing the shower from the rest of the bathroom

- For dividing the space in bigger areas (hotels, gyms, sport halls…)

- For the most part it is used with floor channel without a shower tub (you can use it with the shower tab too)

Technical details:

1. Dimensions: 90 x 200 cm

2. Tempered glass thickness of 8 mm

3. Black aluminum profiles

4. Wall mount of stainless steel with ability to adjust between 70 and 120 cm

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