Mini transporter ZI-MD300 Zipper Maschinen
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Mini transporter ZI-MD300 Zipper Maschinen

Mini transporter ZI-MD300 Zipper

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Mini transporter ZI-MD300 Zipper

Mini dumper ZI-MD300 Zipper has a solid steel construction, ideal for transporting the heavy cargo up to 300 kg.

Dumper has adjustable fence/wall, and they allow for transporting cargo with bigger dimensions, thanks to the narrow design, it goes through tight ways and doors without any problem.

The dumper comes with a container which has ability to be tilted manually, the dumper is simple and easy to use.

Technical details:

Manufacturer: Zipper Maschinen
Gross weight (kg): 213
Neto weight (kg): 178
Motor power s1 (W): 4100
Motor type: 1-cylinder 4-stroke OHV motor
Motor displacement (ccm): 196
Transmission: 3Front + 1Reverse
Payload (kg): 300
Container dimensions (mm): 180
Speed (km/h): (910-1040)x(600-860)x204

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